We know that monitoring the day to day management of your Amazon storefront can be tedious, time consuming and make it difficult to scale your business. That's where our Indition SellerTools comes in. Trusted by thousands of Amazon sellers and marketing agencies, our suite of tools assists with all areas of your Amazon business including Amazon pay-per-click advertising, Content Optimization, Amazon Analytics & Profitability, Accounting Automation, Email & Reviews Management and more.

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Amazon Profitability Dashboard

Our profitablity dashboard is an always FREE Amazon seller tool that allows you the ability to view the overall profitablity of your store with break downs that allow you to view your data by store, brand, category & ASIN. Set annual goals for organic revenue, ad revenue & total revenue, plus ad spend and total costs. Compare actual profits against your goals and see a quick snapshot of your total revenue, total costs & total profits, all in one easy dashboard.

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Amazon SEO Optimization

Indition SellerTools is the most powerful Amazon software for content & keyword optimization as well as product monitoring for both sellers and marketing agencies alike. Our tool includes features like our Amazon keyword tracker, keyword monitoring & reporting, products listing optimization recommendations, ASIN monitoring and competitor comparison analysis. Our content optimization tool is sure to help you grow your sales whether your a small start-up or a large agency. With pricing plans as low as 30 cents a product and 1.6 cents per keyword, our tool is not only powerful but also affordable.

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Amazon PPC Optimization

We know that it can be difficult to manage your Amazon marketing when you have a large set of ASINs to advertise. That's where our Advertising Optimization module comes in. Our tool allows you to select your target ACoS along with your risk tolerance (aggressive or safe) and we'll automate and optimize your PPC campaigns for you. We gather data, increase and decrease bids as needed and take actions based on our informed data analysis. Our tool also allows you to create enable & disable rules based on times, dates & inventory levels.
Pricing as low as $75/month.

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Amazon Accounting Software

Let us help take the stress out of your Amazon accounting by seamlessly integrating your Quickbooks or Xero account to your Seller Central Account. No longer spend hours reconciling your financials when you can be using our tools to automate your accounting and ensure your books are always accurate and up to date. Eliminate manual data entry and automatically sync your Amazon account with whichever accounting software you use.
Pricing as low as $25/month.

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Brand Protection

If you're selling your brand in mutliple marketplaces, take back control of your pricing with Indition's Brand Protection tool. Easily monitor all major marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Target and more to ensure they are staying in line with your brand's MAP and UPP policies. Receive instant notification of violations that include date and time, location and even screen shots of pricing. Generate automated Cease and Desist letters and more. Controlling your brand pricing has never been easier.

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We're confident that our Indition SellerTools will help you scale and automate your business while decreasing your advertising costs and time spent on monotonous tasks like data entry. Our tools are useful for small Amazon sellers, large scale Amazon sellers as well as Amazon Marketing Agencies. In addition to the above listed tools, we also offer a tool for automated Amazon email campaigns as well as Amazon product reviews management.

Looking for a profitability graph to compare your goals vs. actual revenue? Our toolbox comes complete with a free graph tool that allows you to configure data points based on the specific metrics you want to compare. Do you want to view your actual organic revenue vs. organic revenue goals? Our graph does that. What about comparing organic revenue vs. advertising revenue? We can do that, too. Compare as many or as few data points as you'd like. Our graph is great for inputing into reports as well.


Does your advertising optimization module work on Vendor Central products or Sponsored Brands?

Unfortunately our PPC optimization tool is only currently available for use with Amazon Sponsored Ads in Seller Central.

Do I need to sign a contract to use your paid tools?

We do not require any contracts and you are free to cancel at any time.

Do I have to pay for all the tools if I only want to use one?

Absolutely not! Our products are a la carte so you only pay for the products you’d like to use.

Which Amazon FBA Accounting Software does your product integrate with?

Indition SellerTools integrates with both Quickooks and Xero to allow for seemless accounting automation without the need for any more manual data entry.

Does your Profitability Dashboard allow for viewing the profitablity of individual products?

Yes! Our Profitablity Dashboard allows you to filter your dashboard so you can view the profitablity of your overall store, profitablity by brand, profitablity by category and proftiablity by product (ASIN).

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