Take back control of your brand across multiple channels with Indition Brand Protection. Easily monitor the selling prices of your products on all the major ecommerce sites including Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Target and many more. Get notified anytime a violation occurs with the exact date and time along with screenshots of the pricing that was offered. Have cease and desist letters automatically generated for you and for those known sellers automatically sent. Taking back control has never been so easy.

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Let Indition SellerTools automatically track the prices that your products are being sold at across multiple channels. Select your ecommerce sites, set the minimum advertised price and load your products either manually, via spreadsheet upload or by connecting your stores via API and let us do the rest.

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Get notified instantly when a violation has occurred. Flexible configuration allows you to set who will get notified for all violations or specific product violations. Receive a complete history of the violators price history along with proof of the violation in PDF format.

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Indition Brand Protection allows you to check the prices your products are being sold for as often as you need, from every five minutes to daily. For those brands that experience a tremendous number of violations you can even check a site from different parts of the country or even different countries to see if the ecommerce site is serving different prices to people in different geographies.

Auto Generate & Send Cease & Desist

If you are experiencing a tremendous number of violations, utilize the automated cease and desist function built into Indition Brand Protection. Each time a violation has occurred the cease and desist letter will be generated with the exact details of the violation including screenshots of the site and a complete price history.


Indition maintains a database of known bad sellers. If a known bad seller shows up selling your product opt-in to receive an automatic notification including a screenshot of the product page showing the known bad sellers price.

Notification of New Seller

New sellers show up all the time, get alerted each time a new seller shows up on your listing.

Brand Protection Full Features List

Take back control of your brand.

Product Price Monitoring

  • Marketplaces: Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Lowes, ABT, and Ebay
  • Choose which marketplaces to monitor on
  • Choose products to monitor
  • Manually add products to monitor
  • Import products to monitor
  • Configure minimum advertised price for each product
  • Configurable price check frequency

Auto Generated Cease and Desist Letters

  • Option to have Cease & Desist letters sent automatically to known sellers
  • Manually send Cease & Desist letters after review
  • Personalized Cease & Desist letters
  • Cease & Desist letter template management
  • Attached screenshot of price violation
  • Attached price history for seller on marketplace
  • Log of sent Cease & Desist letters

Notification of Pricing Violations

  • Receive email notifications when pricing is below set minimum price
  • Internal list of all pricing violations
  • Data snapshot captured at time of price violation
  • Included screenshot of discovered pricing violations
  • Configurable notification recipients
  • Flagged pricing violations across displays

Notification of New and Bad Sellers

  • Receive an email notification when a new seller is recognized for a monitored product
  • Get updated on seller counts across marketplaces
  • Catch unauthorized sellers before they start hijacking the listing
  • Receive notification if a known bad seller starts selling one of your monitored products
  • Get notified if an existing seller becomes recognized as bad

Monitor Sellers by Product by Channel

  • Retain full list of all past sellers of a product
  • See currently active sellers across all products
  • See currently active sellers of a specific product
  • See sellers actively selling during specific date ranges
  • View full list of sellers separated by marketplace
  • Seller count history reports broken down by marketplace and product

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