Trigger Automated Emails to Customers

Send emails to your customers when it it most important. Set up your automated email campaigns once and then let our system keep in touch with your customers for you. Choose exactly when you want to email your customers by selecting from various email trigger options such as when an order is placed, shipped, cancelled, or delivered. Provide your customers with all of the benefits of your product right when they need it. Send user manuals and best practices when you find out they the order has been delivered. Send emails soliciting honest product reviews a week after the package is delivered to obtain insight feedback from your customers. Use our flexible automated campaigns to provide excellent customer service without the ongoing effort.

Send Bulk Emails to Past Customers

With our email campaigns for past orders, it's never too late to contact your customers. Not only are there options for automatic campaigns, but you can choose to set up emails to go out to customers who have purchased from you in the past; even before you signed up for Indition SellerTools! Make sure you let your customers know if you have an updated version of the product they've purchased from you in the past or if you have an exclusive deal running for past customers! No need to contact customers one by one through Seller Central. Set up your rules, choose your email, activate the campaign, and save yourself some time!

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Custom Inclusion & Exclusion Logic

Make sure you only send email communications to the right customers. You can choose with our flexible inclusion and exclusion rules to include customers that purchased any product or to get as granular as only customer that purchased a specific product and spent over a certain dollar value on their order. Or maybe you want to run a campaign for customers that purchase from the Beauty category but not if they purchased a specific product that you are running an additional campaign for. You decide exactly who makes it into the campaign to ensure that customers who don't qualify are excluded.

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Build Personalized Custom Emails

Build custom emails to be sent out to your customers through our simple email builder. Make sure you are sending branded emails to your customers and include personalization such as addressing them by their name to make sure they feel like you are truly connecting to them. Make sure to include attachments to provide your customers with any additional information they need to truly enjoy their product experience. When you're done, use our testing function to send yourself an email as if it is being sent directly to your customer. All emails built ensure that you adhere to Amazon's email restrictions.

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Automated Email Campaigns Full Features List

Maintain your customer relationships automatically.

Trigger Automated Emails to Amazon Customers

  • Trigger entry into your email campaign when an order is placed, shipped, cancelled, or delivered.
  • Choose the exact time after an event you want to send the email.
  • Send multiple emails in sequence
  • Select an existing email or create a new email from the campaign.
  • Schedule the campaign to be activated now
  • Schedule a specific campaign start date
  • Optional campaign end date setting
  • Save draft campaigns when unfinished
  • Drag and drop campaign flowchart creation

Send Bulk Emails to Past Customers

  • Schedule email blasts to past customers
  • Choose to send an email to customers that purchased from you recently.
  • Send to customers that made a purchase from you within a specific time period.
  • Email customers that purchased from you before you started using Indition SellerTools

Custom Inclusion and Exclusion logic

  • Include and exclude customers from your email campaigns based on numerous criteria
  • Include/exclude based on which product the customer purchased
  • Include/exclude based on the category the customer purchased from
  • Include/exclude based on the amount of money the customer spent in total
  • Include/exclude if the customer purchased a specific combination of products
  • Set up multiple different include and exclude rules
  • Include all customers based on simply making a purchase
  • Add and remove inclusion and exclusion rules without having to create a new campaign

Build Personalized Emails

  • Use our email builder to create emails to be used in automated email campaigns
  • Build multiple emails to be used across different campaigns
  • Forced adherence to Amazon’s email content restrictions
  • Include personalized content for your customers such as their name and the products they purchased
  • Include attachments such as PDFs or images along with your email
  • Send test emails using actual customer order data


  • See quantity of email sends
  • See how many customers are opening your emails
  • See the emails sends broken down by campaign
  • See email sends broken down by email
  • Find the most successful email content by testing and reviewing

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