Let Indition SellerTools help take the stress out of your Amazon accounting by seamlessly connecting your Quickbooks or Xero account to your Seller Central Account. (Sage coming soon!) Stop spending hours reconciling your Amazon financials when you can use our tools to automate your accounting and ensure your books are always up to date. Eliminate manual data entry and automatically sync your Amazon account with whatever accounting software you use.

*Sage integration coming late Q2.

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Use Indition SellerTools to create mapping from your Amazon account statements directly to your Quickbooks account. Simply connect your Indition SellerTools account to your QuickBooks account, map all of your transaction types, select whether you want your settlement data automatically or manually pushed to Quickbooks and let our tool do the rest. We extract your information and automatically input your data for you, eliminating the tiring act of manual data entry.

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Indition SellerTools also integrates with Xero, a secure and reliable online accounting software for small businesses, to automate your Amazon reconciliation and accounting without the need for additional manual accounting work. Our tool allows you to map data fields, split monthly settlements and choose whether you'd like to manually or automatically push your Amazon data to your Xero account.

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COMING SOON! Indition SellerTools will soon integrate with both Sage 50cloud and Sage 100cloud to allow for Amazon seller accounting automation for sellers who use Sage's accounting tools. This integration will provide the same capabalities that we do with our Quickbooks & Xero integration including data mapping, splitting monthly settlements, sharing your Amazon books with your accountant and more.

Push Past Settlements

If you're just now signing up for our Accounting Automation tool and you have old settlements that you still need to reconcile in your accounting software, don't fret. Indition SellerTools allows you the ability to push past settlement data for as far back as we can retrieve them from Amazon. Let our tool take the stress out of your accounting including past, present and future settlements!

Account Mapping

During the initial setup and integration of Indition SellerTools, you can easily configure auto-mapping for your Quickbooks or Xero account to map your data to the correct categories in your preferred accounting system. Our tool allows you to map various transcation types including Adjustments, Amazon Fees, Cost of Advertising, Refunds and more.

Share With Your Accountant

Do you work with an accountant for your business who you want to give access to? Not a problem! Share your books with your accountant for seamless collaboration. Our Accounting tool helps remove roadblocks you're likely experiencing if you're manually managing your Amazon accounting.

Split Settlements

Do you prefer to split your Amazon settlements monthly? Our tool will arrange settlement transactions on a montlhy basis and send them as separate invoices or purchases. If you don't wish to split monthly, we'll simply send the settlement as a single invoice as it is received in the settlement. Our tool also allows you to choose between having your settlements automatically sent to your accounting system or choosing to have them sent manually to allow you to review them first.

Friendly Help Guides

The team at Indition SellerTools has put together a variety of help guides to assist you with integrating your accounting system with our tools. You can read more about using our accounting automation tools here, read our help guide for connecting your Quickbooks account here, or read our help guide for connecting your Xero account here.

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