When you have a large Amazon store, it can be difficult to manage your Amazon marketing on a day to day basis. That’s where our Advertising Optimization module comes in. Allow Indition SellerTools to control your campaigns and we’ll utilize our progressive campaign optimization strategy to take your Amazon ads to the next level.

We’ve taken a complex process and made it much more simple and effective. All you have to do is set your risk tolerance and provide your target ACoS and we’ll handle the rest from there. We increase bids, gather important data, then take actions based on our informed data analysis.

We constantly monitor and alter your campaign bids based on continual campaign performance. Allow Indition SellerTools to automatically make data driven decisions for Amazon PPC optimization and remove the daily stress of having to monitor and update your PPC campaigns.

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Both automatic and manual campaigns have their place in your Amazon campaign strategy and our tool box makes it easy to manage both types of campaigns. Our specialized advertising optimization algorithm ensures that your ad group bids are always at ideal levels based on your expected performance results. Our tools allow you to edit campaigns at any time, change how safe or aggressive your campaigns are running and make updates to campaign budgets, target ACoS and minimum and maximum bids all within one easy platform.

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Automated Pay-per-Click Campaign Management

No matter how large or small your business, it’s important to always keep all of your campaigns within profitable limits to avoid spending catastrophes that hurt your bottom line. We know that it can be difficult to manually manage your Amazon product ads so we created a tool that allows you to automate your campaign management. You set your preferred bid amounts, daily budget, target ACoS and how aggressive you want to be with your campaign bidding and let our tool do the rest of the work.

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Enable & Disable Campaign Time & Inventory Rules

Not all campaigns and selling times are created equal and when you’re managing Amazon pay per click campaigns you’ll know that there are certain times when you find that advertising performs better and other times when advertising performs more poorly. Wouldn’t it be great if your Amazon ads automatically paused during the down times? What about pausing campaigns when inventory dips low? Well, with Indition SellerTools you can create rules so they do just that.

Amazon PPC Advertising Optimization Full Features List

Spend less time managing your Amazon sponsored products.

Create a New Advertising Campaign

  • Create a Manual Campaign
  • Create an Automatic Campaign
  • Automatic Campaign Target Bidding (Coming Soon)

Manage Advertising Down to Keyword Level

  • Pause Campaigns, Ad Groups, Products and/or Keywords
  • Archive Campaigns, Ad Groups, Products and/or Keywords
  • Export Campagins, Ad Groups, Products and/or Keywords
  • Filter Campaigns, Ad Groups, Products and/or Keywords
  • Sort Campaigns, Ad Groups, Products and/or Keywords
  • Multi-Store Management

Automatically Optimize Campaigns

  • Individually Select Campaigns to Optimize
  • Choose Minimum Bid Down to Ad Group Level
  • Choose Maximum Bid Down to Ad Group Level
  • Automatically Increase/Decrease Bid Prices
  • Set Target ACoS Per Campaign
  • Bid Increase & Decrease History Log
  • Optional Algorithm Management

Optimization Strategies

  • Aggressive Bidding Strategy
  • Safe Bidding Strategy

Campaign Enable & Disable Rules

  • Enable or Disable Advertised Products Based on Inventory Levels
  • Set Inventory Rules on a Per ASIN Basis
  • Enable or Disable Campaigns, Ad Groups, Products and/or Keywords Based on Specific Date Ranges
  • Enable or Disable Campaigns, Ad Groups, Products and/or Keywords Based on Recurring Times & Days
  • Manage Time & Date Rule Statuses

Amazon PPC Campaign Reporting

  • Overall Account Performance Summary Dashboard
  • Individual Metric Performance Snapshot
  • Advertising Change Recommendations
  • Advertising Recommendation History Log
  • Daily Budget Increase Recommendations
  • Maximum Bid Price Increase Recommendations
  • Minimum Bid Price Decrease Recommendations
  • Lifetime Campaign Data Retention

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