Flexible Pricing for Your Individual Company Needs

We understand that no two Amazon Sellers and Agencies are alike and we wanted to ensure you get the flexibility you need at the pricing you want. That’s why we created two types of pricing options.

Content Optimization Full Features List

Spend time managing your content the way you want.

Product Monitoring

  • Import Products from Catalog
  • Import ASINs Using Excel List
  • Import Keywords from Advertising Campaigns
  • Manually Track Any ASIN

Content Optimization Recommendations

  • Highlights Major & Minor Recommendations
  • Product Title
  • Product Bullet Points
  • Product Description
  • Product Search Terms
  • Product Photos
  • Quick View with Color Coded Recommendations
  • Advanced Recommendation Filtering
  • Recognition of Enhanced Brand Content by ASIN
  • Advanced Recommendation Filtering
  • Low Product Review Count Report
  • Sales Revenue from Advertising vs. Organic Sales Revenue
  • Track Daily Sales Rank Changes

Track ASIN Rankings Against Specific Keywords

  • Ability to Track Unlimited Keywords*
  • View All Tracked Keywords
  • View Tracked Keywords by Product
  • Sort by Top Ranked Keyword
  • Organic Listing Position by Keyword
  • Organic Listing Position Change by Keyword
  • Organic Listing Page Rank Change by Keyword
  • Keyword Optimization Rating
  • Quicklink to Competitor Comparison
  • Keyword Tracking Data Monitored & Updated Daily

Keyword Management

  • Import Keyword Data
  • Export Tracked Keyword Data
  • Manually Refresh Keyword Data
  • Integrates With Advertising Module to Import PPC Keyword Data
  • Add All Tracked Keywords to Additional Products
  • Add or Remove Selected Keywords to Additional Products

Competitor Comparison Analysis

  • Historical Keyword Rank Report by Single Keyword
  • Historical Keyword Rank Report by Single ASIN & Multiple Keywords
  • Historical Keyword Rank Report by Single Keyword & Multiple ASINs

Competitor Comparison Analysis

  • Compare Any Monitored ASIN Against 3 Competitor ASINs
  • Compare Any Monitored ASIN Against Any Keyword
  • Side by Side Visual Competitor Analysis
  • Side by Side Visual Analysis PDF Report
  • Competitor Analysis List View
  • Past Competitor Comparison Log

Content Update Monitoring Change Log by ASIN

  • Price Changes Monitoring
  • Product Title Changes Monitoring
  • Bullet Point Changes Monitoring
  • Product Description Updates Monitoring
  • Review Count Monitoring
  • Search Terms Monitoring
  • Main Product Image Update Monitoring
  • Secondary Product Image Update Monitoring

Dashboard Features

  • Content Optimization Recommendations Highlighted Overview
  • Competitor Comparison Analysis
  • Tracked Keywords by Greatest Rank Changes
  • Most Recent Content Changes Summary
  • Optimized Content Report Card
  • Products Requiring the Most Improvements
  • Content Optimization Improvements Based on Sales Data

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