You may have a really fantastic product but without an equally fantastic product listing page, your ASIN is unlikely to rank high enough in Amazon to get any sales. That’s where Indition SellerTools comes into play. Using our suite of content optimization tools, we can help you with everything from product titles, features & descriptions to tracking units & revenue sold from advertising vs. organic sales. Everything you need to create high-ranking ASINs.

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Major & Minor Content Recommendations

Indition SellerTools provides a full list of content optimization recommendations for all monitored products, broken down into 3 main types - major recommendations, minor recommendations and satisfied content that does not need any edits. Our main dashboard has a chart showing how many recommendations we have for each category - major, minor & satisfied - so you can see a quick overview of your progress.

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Revenue & Units Sold from Advertising vs. Organic Sales

Creating thoroughly optimized, high converting content should always be a priority for Amazon sellers but how do you differentiate between the revenue and units sold coming from advertising versus organic conversions? Our content optimization module displays a breakdown of advertising unit sales versus organic sales as well as advertising sales revenue versus organic sales revenue on a per ASIN basis. This data helps determine the ratio of paid to organic sales and is a good indicator of whether your content needs further optimization.

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Track Daily Sales Rank Changes

Once you’ve invested time in optimizing your product listings, it’s important to monitor your sales rankings to make sure your optimizations had a positive affect. Our content optimization module has a column that shows your current sales rank as well as a column indicating whether your rank has increased or decreased over the past 24 hours.

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Content Recommendation Compressed View

When you’re managing a large catalog, there may be times when you want to see a visual overview of all of your optimization recommendations. That’s where the compressed view of our content optimization chart comes in. This compressed view has a list of ASINs as well as a color block chart that easily identifies areas for improvement as well as satisfied content. The compressed chart is also great for adding to reports and evaluating content improvements over time.

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Product Title Optimization

Amazon product titles are very valuable, both for describing your product to customers as well as for organic ranking and search purposes. We recommend that your product title is at least 180 characters and contains your most important keywords. ASINs with titles under 180 characters will be flagged for improvement.

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Bullet Point Optimization

Bullet points are also a very valuable part of content optimization. Amazon allows for up to 5 bullet points and we strongly recommend that you utilize all 5 bullets making sure to include any important keywords and product features that you couldn’t fit into your product title. Bullet points are a ranking factor so make sure keywords are utilized here.

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Product Description Optimization

The product description is where you can really make your product shine by adding details not included in the title and bullet points. We recommend that your product description is at least 1500 characters long and that you utilize keywords that you couldn’t fit into the product features or description. This is also a great place to add more detailed product information to answer any product questions your customers may have.

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Product Photo Optimization

Product photos are one of the most important factors for conversion optimization. Most people are very visual and want to see details of the product they are interested in before they make a purchase. We recommend a minimum of 5 product photos, with the main photo being featured on a white background and the remaining photos being closeups, lifestyle photos, etc. Make sure all photos are crisp, clear and focused.

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Product Review Optimization

Amazon has said that they like to see a minimum of 15 reviews per product page in order to be considered highly optimized and Indition SellerTools suggests even higher with at least 20 4+ star reviews. Our content optimization tool will highlight any products with under 10 product reviews so you know which products you should focus on gaining more reviews for.

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Product Bullet Points
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Track Daily Sales Rank Changes

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