Referral FAQs

When will I earn my reward?


Rewards will be automatically credited to your account once your referral signs up for our services.

Is there a limit to how much I can earn?


Not at all! The more you refer your friends and clients to us, the more $25 credits you can earn.

Do I need to be a paying customer of your tools in order to earn referral rewards?


No, you may sign up for a our AMZ Advocate referral program even if you don’t pay for any of our tools.

I would like to use your logo to help promote my advocate link, can I do that?


Yes, when you sign up for our Advocate referral program, we’ll provide you with some assets that you can use to promote your referral link.

Do you have suggestions for how I can promote my personalized link?


We find our Indition SellerTools advocates have the most success getting new signups when they promote their referral link across their social media accounts, on their personal blogs and via other marketing channels, like email newsletters.

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